For the 30th Birthday Celebration, we explore 4 stories of South Africans from all walks of life, and express it in the same location with 4 different set designs, each visually representative of the story being told. In one continuous 360 degree shot we move past the different people, telling their stories. But it’s not just the people telling the stories themselves, as the camera moves we transition into the presenters amongst the ordinary people, telling the same stories as though they were the subjects themselves. We start off with  the struggles faced by the people, but becomes positive and empowering because of the work Carte Blanche has done for them.

Director | Delarey Hattingh
Executive Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh
Creative Director | Waldo Buchner
3D Animation | Robin De Villiers, Pascal Martin, Gavin Geoffreys
Animation | Tristan Winslow, Kyle Lutchman, Pascal Martin, Waldo Buchner
Designer | Juanita Thompson
Producer | Shaniel Mjekevu