SUPERHERO HQ is a pop-up channel Super-powered by Cartoon Network. Monarchy was tasked with developing all the imaging for the channel, as well as creating all promos and marketing video material. A unique set of superhero cube characters were created by Monarchy to form part of the imaging, appearing in all the elements, from idents to stings. These characters bring life to the channel, and become brand new heroes for the kids to get excited about. A cube based 3D world opens up a beautiful platform to showcase all the epic superhero content, while tying in with the Cartoon Network brand. Monarchy teamed up with local comedian, Mojak Lehoko, to be the face of the channel as the head of the Superhero Headquarters. Mojak appears in various comedic sketches, and he also drives the promotional communication by introducing the audience to the various films and animated series. The end result of this  project is a vibrant, action packed channel imaging, that pulls the entire family in for non-stop adventure and fun.

Executive Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Creative Director | Waldo Buchner
ProducerShaniel Mjekevu
3D Animation | Dineo Morulane, William Molope, Kyle Lutchman
2D Animation | Kyle Lutchman, Robert Fripp, Zama Zikhali, Tristan Winslow

Edit Navina Chinnamunian, Catherine Daymond, Kamogelo Matlaila