M-Net Movies All Stars hosted a festival of dance movies in November 2018. The big push being to get viewers to experience in a visceral and emotional way – in other words, we need to get people dancing in front of the screen! So we created the concept that would match  moves from the movies  we’d intercut with them, however, star quality would be needed to entice people to dance in front of their screens. We got Bontle Modiselle firmly on board, sourced an amazing dance crew, and ended with a fully integrated campaign from a theme piece, to line-ups, a standalone promo, a competition promo and even dance tutorial videos.

Creative Director | Waldo Buchner
Project Manager | Edmund Braatvedt
Choreographer | Bontle Modiselle
DOP | Delarey Hattingh

Edit | Wandile Zulu

Design | Chris Savides / Juanita Thompson

Animation | Kyle Lutchman / Genevieve Bianca Benoy

Mix | Michael Medhurst