M-Net Movies All Stars hosted a festival of dance movies in November 2018. The big push being to get viewers to experience in a visceral and emotional way – in other words, we need to get people dancing in front of the screen! So we created the concept where we a dance crew would match the moves from the movies and we’d intercut them, however, star quality would be needed to entice people to dance in-front of their screens. We got Bontle Modiselle firmly on board, sourced an amazing dance crew, and ended with a fully integrated campaign from a theme piece, to line-ups, a standalone promo, a competition promo and even dance tutorial videos.

Creative Director | Waldo Buchner
Project Manager | Edmund Braatvedt
Choreographer | Bontle Modiselle
DOP | Delarey Hattingh

Edit | Wandile Zulu

Design | Chris Savides / Juanita Thompson

Animation | Kyle Lutchman / Genevieve Bianca Benoy

Mix | Michael Medhurst