Dineo is a dynamic, strong and bold woman who has found her feet and is unapologetically living life. She needed a spot to launch her 5th season of the successful reality show Dineo’s Diary reflecting her current personal position. We opted for a piece shot in a dramatically lit bathtub as it forms the perfect metaphor for what she is going through and how she is dealing with the challenges in her life. Intimate and like water off her back, she pushes through it all and succeeds.

Executive Creative Director| Nicci Hattingh
Creative Director| Katlego Baaitse
Director| Jean-Yves Martin
Assistant Director| Nadene Booth
Director of Photography| Granger Scholtz
Senior Editor| Jean-Yves Martin
Editor/ Script| Mongezi Bottoman
Designer| Juanita Strachan
Animator and color grading|Kyle Lutchman
Producer| Shaniel Mjekevu
Production Manager| Via Marais