2018/19  | KIDS CLUB

Every December, M-Net Movies Zone hosts the ‘Kids Club,’ where kids movies get played all day, all month. The driver for the festival is to get families to watch TV together over the holiday times – after all you don’t have to spend money to have an awesome holiday! So for this year’s Kids Club we set up a narrative where a forgetful dad leaves his costume for a party at home to his daughter’s dismay but… luckily, the host of the party has a massive lion costume for him and all is well. ‘Isibaya’ star Sibonile Ngubane plays the dad and Wimpy is the brand sponsor of the festival which included a theme piece, a competition promo, weekly line-ups, billboards, bumpers, pop-up straps and live activation elements. 

Creative Director | Waldo Büchner
Director | Waldo Büchner
DOP | Rick Joaquim
AD | Edmund Braatvedt
Edit | Navina Chinnamunian
Design | Waldo Büchner, Juanita Thompson
Animation | Genevieve Bianca Benoy, Kyle Lutchman
Mix | Offie Nxumalo
Project Manager | Edmund Braatvedt