Awarded Promax Africa’s Silver Channel Brand of the year 2015. M-Net City is an urban entertainment channel, bringing the best international content to various demographics across Africa. Using a layered approach to create its visual language, textures and bright colours, people, landscape and bold titles make up M-Net City. All these elements are parts that make up any ‘city’, playing on the name of the channel we create a distinct world for the viewer to buy into and enjoy some of the world’s best television.

Creative Director | Katlego Baaitse
Editor/Director | Jean-Yves Martin
Director of Photography | Cobus Oosthuizen
Editor | Francois Smit / Daniel McCauley / Carla Pels Bekker
Design Director | Katlego Baaitse
2d Animation | Renzo Radar / Pascal Martin
3D Animation | Darren Peach
Production | Katlego Baaitse / Penny Tilleard