With just over a decade as a fully-fledged and independent entity, SOUNDCITY has fast grown to be a favorite of many in the African continent and plays an instrumental and integral role in ensuring that there is an ongoing cultural exchange within the African continent. Through award ceremonies like the MVPS, SOUNDCITY sets precedence for the growth of Nigeria and Africa’s entertainment industry. We created festival imaging for SOUNDCITY’S MVP AWARDS amplifying the brand’s identity, which is synonymous with a sublime combination of colorfulness – speaking to the enthusiasm and gratifying programming SOUNDCITY has to offer. The edgy design elements along with a unique sound design, modern graphics and choreographed live action combine meticulously to create interest in the MVP awards and afford the ceremony a global appeal while remaining true to SOUNDCITY’s African essence. Also, smashing a few mannequins along the way made creating this project just as exciting as it looks!

Creative Director| Waldo Buchner
Design Director| Chris Savides
Animation Director| Kyle Lutchman
Animation| Tristan Winslow / Jessica Quilliam
Editor | Kamogelo Matlaila
Producer | Via Marais