Sony approached us to assist them to come up with something amazing for the second season of Amazon’s exclusive, Absentia. This psychological thriller, wrapped up in espionage and mystery is known for its grittiness. All we could do is of course shoot heaps of shattering glass in a studio full of water and have a brave model walk barefoot over the shards. All that, married with amazing 3D animation and a hot cut gave us a spot that went out all over the world and was translated and repacked in a plethora of languages. There may still be glass shards beneath our skins, but joy in our souls.

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Creative director | Nicola Hattingh

Producer | Delarey Hattingh

Editor | Navina Chinnamunian

Designer | Chris Savides

Animation | Tristan Winslow & Kyle Lutchman

3D Animation | Robin de Villiers