Apart from surfacing the finest talent on offer in as far as football is concerned, the Africa Cup of Nations brings together a diversity of cultures all bound together by a single thread of passion and an undying love for the African continent. To best encapsulate the spirit of this prestigious tournament we brought together varied design elements all drawn from nature, each metaphorically communicating not only the spirit of the esteemed tournament, but that of the fierce African continent too. The combination of these distinct elements speak to the intensity of the Afcon tournament – this through the fire elemental. Secondly, through the use of the water element, the reverence held for the Afcon tournament is reflected with it being placed as an integral part of the African continent. Lastly, as a representation of the enigma that is the Afcon tournament, the air element works well to communicate the pulsating spirit of the prestigious tournament.

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Director | Delarey Hattingh

Executive Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Producer | Penny Tilleard

3D Animator | Nic Yilarious

2D Animator | Renzo Rader

Editor | Carla Pels

Editor | Jean-Yves Martin

VFX | Ensemble

Post Sound | Studio 344