M-Net Movies Zone is one of the most successful exponents and highly watched channels of DSTV’s low tier package – DSTV Access. Along with five other channels from the pay-tv service bouquet, M-Net Movies Zone is a fully dedicated movie channel that airs some of the most iconic blockbusters released locally and abroad. To cater for kids during the month of December, a time when most schools are on recess – M-Net Movies Zone launched a campaign called Kids Camp targeted at kids aged 12 years and older. The campaign saw an amount of time being allocated to programming targeted strictly for kids through screening of classic and iconic movies enjoyed by kids. The scheduled movies included; Paddington, Problem Child and Spud 3 among others. In addition to airing some of the most iconic flicks loved by kids, M-Net Movies Zone pulled a stunt by airing the enlisted movies in full HD – a service that is otherwise only accessible on the high tier packages of DSTV. Introducing this campaign, we shot a promo in the backyard of a Soweto home. We created a ‘Kids Club fort’ where we brought together all the movies M-Net Movies Zone scheduled to play – creating a fantastic world where kids can indulge the leisure of holiday festivities through gratifying programming courtesy of M-Net Movies Zone. To communicate the desired message effectively we placed key importance on the narrative, props, costumes and other design elements to ensure that we foreground; the list of movies scheduled to play, the targeted audience for the said movies and also the fact that broadcast will be in full HD.

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