This project takes us on an out of this world music experience. We explore multi-coloured landscapes both visually and auditory on ëPlanet Urbaní. The intricate backgrounds are complemented with a well-balanced design layout. In-camera paint and oils get intercut with dancing and movement. The clean design coupled with physical effects effortlessly gives us a balance between sophistication and youthfulness forming a great backbone to Urban music.

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To break away from the digital way of doing things, we longed for a more tactile and physical approach. Employing modelled Monster Clay elements that would sink as well as local oil based clay for extra floaties plus lots of hands on deck, diluted acrylic airbrush paint in the conceptualised colour scheme was perfectly timed and deposited with injections as the Sony FS700 captured each beautiful frame in our in-house studio – at 240 FPS. Very liquid but high in pigment at the same time as not to look like ink – this paint trumps any normal acrylic and its lumpy nature. Both oil-based and water-based paints were used to create a separation from essential and non-essential layers. This all creates an ephemeral flowing beauty that still holds enough structure - otherwise very timeous to create in simulation programs. The cloud tank where we dropped the paint in could only last 3 to 4 minutes, before the water needed to be changed. Worth it - it’s hard to beat the magic of real in-camera action – right? ;) Perfect for an urban, authentic music channel. Why not give it a go?


Executive Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Executive Director | Delarey Hattingh

Creative Director | Kyle Lutchman

Lead Designer | Jared Van Damme

Producer | Via Henderson

Designer | Juanita Strachan, Genevieve Benoy,

Robert Fripp, Waldo Buchner

2D Animator | Dineo Morulane, Tristan Winslow, William Molope,

Waldo Büchner, Robert Fripp

Practical Effects | Rrobin De Villiers

Sound Design | Michael Medhurst