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Bonang Matheba is arguably South Africa’s biggest celebrity and socialite and her first reality show was due on the premier black entertainment channel Vuzu Amp. This needed a controversial piece that will push the AR’s high and get her ultra fans as well as the haters, to tune in and watch this much anticipated series. She has a very big social media following and manages her personal brand and image to the T. Our concept, came in very left-wing showcasing her ‘natural’ and not on the red-carpet, in an albeit stylized space. Towards the end we realise she is the Instagram window (we tailored this to VUZUGRAM) on her phone, asking the serious question about what is real and what isn’t on social media and causing huge stir amongst her fans. They’ve never seen her like this before. The show had the highest AR rating of any other local show up to date.

how we did it

Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Director | Delarey Hattingh

Producer | Shaniel Mjekevu

Production Team | Edmund Braatvedt, Via Marais

3D Animation | Dineo Morulane, Isaac Liu

2D Animation | Tristan Winslow, Kyle Lutchman,

Genevieve Benoy

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