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DirecTV – arguably the biggest broadcast satellite service provider in the USA and Latin America, with a staggering viewership of more than 35.56 million– tasked us with the re-imaging of their premium on-demand offering DirecTV Cinema. The challenge was to present DirecTV Cinema as a brand directly linked to all things cinema, from epic, blockbuster feature films to movies people of all walks enjoy. The love of film and the cinematic experience is at the core of DirecTV Cinema. We crafted a concept that could emulate the classic movie going experience, but with an edgy-modern look in line with their future-forward brand strategy. Using a larger-than-life conceptual treatment, we created this surreal experience that engulfs the viewer into the DirecTV Cinema world. The audience initially experience abstract close-up structures that later are revealed to be classic film reel attributes. As we travel within this world, we ultimately pull out of the perforations of the DirecTV Cinema Logo revealing that we were, in fact, on a journey within the DirecTV World where all movies comes to life. On DirecTV Cinema you do not only watch movies, you become part of them.

how we did it

Executive Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Creative Director | Katlego Baaitse

3D Modelling | Gavin Geoffreys

Edit | Jean Martin

Compositing | Renzo Rader

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