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DSTV’s Explora decoder can connect to the internet, offering clients more benefits and entertainment. We conceptualized a unique campaign to inform clients of this. The aim was avoiding a non-traditional how to campaign, but rather something emotive. How will it make the client feel when they connect? Why is it better to connect? Candid Moments – Don’t lose interest in DSTV, rather connect to more. We show a moment of rekindling where an elderly couple reconnects lovingly with each other. Because life is better when you connect. Yoga – Yoga is not for everyone. A man tries to find the connection by attending a yoga class. He tries and tries but fails miserably. Finding a connection shouldn’t be this hard. When you connect your DStv explora to the internet you will find everything you are searching for.

how we did it

Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Director | Waldo Buchner / Delarey Hattingh

Producer | Via Marais

Design | Juanita Strachan

2D Animation | Tristan Winslow / Kyle Lutchman

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