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KykNET has established itself as a premium Afrikaans television channel, as well as a formidable brand in South Africa’s film and television circle. KykNET strives to promote and give recognition to all facets of Afrikaans (cultural and artistic pursuits). Such an event is an award ceremony known as the Fiestas – an evening devoted to recognizing excellence in Performance Arts from the Afrikaans community. Since 2014 we have had the opportunity to develop show graphics for this prestigious event. In creating the imaging of the 2018 Fiestas – we drew inspiration from the set design theme of tapestry. The theme was translated into a graphic treatment of abstract lines and space to form intricate visual patterns. A combination of two and three-dimensional elements such as fibers, woven geometry, mandalas and textures were utilized to create an atmospheric quality of splendor celebrating the achievements of the industry.

how we did it

Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Lead Design | Juanita Strachan

Project Manager | Via Marais

2D Animation | Jessica Quilliam / Zama Zikhali

3D Animation | Rob de Villiers / William Molope

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