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PromaxBDA, the global community of creatives passionately engaged in the marketing and promotion of television and video content. For 2015 the theme was “Creator Shaker”, a shout out to all creatives who hustle and bustle, create and shake. We knew we wanted to make something fun that involved stop motion and slow motion. The challenge was also to combine the Creator Shaker theme with the 10th anniversary celebration for Promax Africa. The final result is an exciting celebration of creative having fun. Also, we got to blow up cupcakes!

how we did it

Executive Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Creative Director | Katlego Baaitse

Directors | Jean-Yves Martin, Chris Savides

Edit | Jean-Yves Martin

Lead Design | Chris Savides

Animation | Kyle Lutchman. Tristan Winslow, Pascal Martin

Hand Model | Carla Pels Bekker

Origami wrangler | Carla Pels Bekker

Shot at | Monarchy

Producer | Shaniel Mjekevu, Nadene Booth

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