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The New Wave. A new era of story telling, a new narrative, a new way of looking at the world. The New Wave came to life at Monarchy through the creation of a Goldberg Machine. A series of unexpected events and interactions taking us on a visual journey through the creation of what it means to be a Creative. There are always ups and downs in the creative industry, problems that need solving, and new ways of getting your communication across. This is the visual representation of that story. Bright colours, beautiful rendered objects and a fun audio mix bring all the elements to life, this is the New Wave!

how we did it

Executive Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Creative Director | Waldo Buchner

Project Head | Chris Savides

Producer | Via Marais

Design Director | Chris Savides

3D Animators | William Malope, Robbin De Villiers

2D Animator & Composition | Jared Van Damme, Robert Fripp,

Zamangwane Zikhali, Dineo Morulane, Tristan Winslow,

 Genevieve Benoy

Edit | Kamogelo Matlaila, Navina Chinnamunian

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