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Sarie is an Afrikaans medium magazine owned by Media 24. Launched in 1949, Sarie is the media group’s first publication dedicated to a female audience. With the gradual fading of print publications, Sarie has launched a new television series that is in part aimed at making a transition from print to a digital landscape. To launch the television series, Sarie needed a new image + launch campaign that would speak to it’s core audience while creating prospects for a new following. To keep consistent with a magazine layout, we optimized varied elements to create a glossy texture filled with bold fonts and colors to illustrate Sarie’s positioning as a modern lifestyle show for both young and old with the vibrant personalities of the past winners, at the core.

how we did it

Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Design Director | Juanita Strachan

Design | Inge Binder

DOP | Delarey Hattingh

Producer | Via Marais

Animatior | Kyle Lutchman, Genevieve Bianca Benoy

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