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Dstv Connect is a campaign that informs viewers that they can connect their Explora to the internet to access more entertainment than they’ve ever imagined. Instead of focusing on the hard sell communication, we opted for a more subtle approach that takes viewers through an emotional journey of experiences. Inspired by ASMR, this promo uses the five senses (see, hear, touch, taste and breathe instead of smell) to bring viewers into a more personal, intimate space. Each moment becomes a moment suspended in time, primarily driven by beautiful sound design. Delicate whispers, touches and breaths create a more tangible world, allowing viewers to live vicariously through the subjects seen on screen. This collection of experiences becomes one magical experience that could ultimately be the viewers – all they have to do is connect.

how we did it

Executive Creative Director | Nicci Hattingh

Producer | Via Henderson

Concept / Edit | Navina Chinnamunian

Design & Animation | Robert Fripp

Sound Design/Final Mix | Michael Medhurst

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