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When the thrilling and trendsetting, risqué channel M-Net Edge, wanted to brand a new slot that will show the best of World Cinema and mini-series, we were the ones that made it happen. Instead of going the normal balls-to-the-wall, OTT, in-your-face hardcore approach (which the no-holds-barred channel is known for), we went the more subdued and constrained approach. Letting the different movies talk for themselves, a kaleidoscopic treatment and the cinematic visuals fold and weave into themselves. Thus this mesmerizing treatment, pulled the viewers in, and at the same time negated the need for a voice over. This is for the cinema connoisseur, but also for all of those who want to take a breath in-between the visual chaos which is TV.

how we did it

Creative Director | Katlego Baaitse

Design Director | Chris Savides

Designer | Kyle Lutchman / Chris Savides

Producer | Shaniel Mjekevu

Animation | Kyle Lutchman

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